This ground-breaking application was created to assist legal cannabis dispensaries looking to expand their customer base while maintaining their repeat business. Dispensary Connect provides dispensaries with all the tools needed to highlight the visibility of their real-life inventory and product data. At the same time the app engages customers directly through online ordering, product catalogs and other interactive channels.

Through Dispensary Connect, dispensaries have an easily-accessible and cost-efficient method of providing their consumers with a rich digital ordering and browsing experience.

Dispensary Connect is more than just an online ordering system. It’s a platform that connects your customers with your real-time product and inventory data through all of the channels and social networking technologies they use daily, and will use in the future.

Designed for dispensaries, we provide sales performance, trending analysis, key performance indicators and peer based competitive analytics. Dispensary Analytics gives dispensaries the tools they need to make smart decisions to optimize revenue and reduce costs.

For the growing number of non-brick & mortar, legal cannabis delivery services, we offer Delivery Connect: a rich and engaging ordering experience for your customers, and platform to extend the reach of your products to the sites your customers frequent.