KindTech Innovations:
Smart Solutions for the Modern Dispensary

We give you unprecedented access to the sales analytics and trending data you need, to help you monitor your business and gain an in-depth understanding of how to make it grow.

Make your site a customer favorite. By using our fully customizable mobile catalogs and online ordering you can increase your web site’s stickiness, making your dispensary the go-to site for current and future customers.

Engage with your customers where they shop: on their phones and computers. With marketing feeds, product catalogs and online ordering, you can extend your product an inventory data right to your customer’s fingertips.

The modern dispensary is about data first and foremost. If you don’t analyze your sales trends, how can you plan for tomorrow? If you don’t show your potential customers what you have, why will they ever shop with you?Chris Sorel

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Bring in new customers and keep current shoppers engaged with this unique application. Dispensary Connect gives consumers real-time access to your inventory and product data through product catalogs, data feeds and online ordering tools.

Direct deliveries are a rapidly-growing part of the legal cannabis sector. Provide your customers with a rich and engaging ordering experience.

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Dispensary Analytics gives dispensaries the tools to evaluate and make sense of their sales data; enabling them to make smart decisions to grow business, optimize revenue and reduce costs.